Craig Ignacio

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UNLABELLED Small-dose ketamine may enhance the analgesic effect of opiates. We studied the effect of IV coadministration of small-dose ketamine 50-100 microg/kg with morphine 50 microg/kg on postoperative morphine requirements and pain in 140 patients undergoing outpatient surgery. Midazolam 1-2 mg was administered in the holding area. Anesthesia was(More)
PURPOSE Delayed neurologic deficit has been recognized in recent years as a source of morbidity following thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic repair. We wanted to find risk factors specifically significant for delayed neurologic deficit. In this initial study we looked at preoperative and operative risk factors. METHODS We performed 854 thoracoabdominal(More)
Mortality rates associated with perioperative acute renal failure (ARF) range from 60% to 90%. The major causes of ARF are prerenal factors that decrease renal blood flow; intrarenal factors that have a direct effect on tubules, interstitium, or glomeruli; and postrenal factors that obstruct urine outflow. Current strategies to provide perioperative renal(More)
BACKGROUND Coagulopathy is a common complication after ascending and transverse arch aortic surgery with profound hypothermic circuit arrest (PHCA). Blood conservation strategies to reduce transfusion have been ongoing and involve multiple treatment modalities in modern cardiac surgery. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of(More)
BACKGROUND Blood conservation using autologous platelet-rich plasma (aPRP), a technique of whole blood harvest that separates red blood cells from plasma and platelets before cardiopulmonary bypass with retransfusion of the preserved platelets after completion of cardiopulmonary bypass, has not been studied extensively. We sought to prospectively determine(More)
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