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Grahn, DA, Cao, VH, Nguyen, CM, Liu, MT, and Heller, HC. Work volume and strength training responses to resistive exercise improve with periodic heat extraction from the palm. J Strength Cond Res 26(9): 2558–2569, 2012—Body core cooling via the palm of a hand increases work volume during resistive exercise. We asked: (a) ‘‘Is there a correlation between(More)
The goal of the Complex Trait Consortium is to promote the development of resources that can be used to understand, treat and ultimately prevent pervasive human diseases. Existing and proposed mouse resources that are optimized to study the actions of isolated genetic loci on a fixed background are less effective for studying intact polygenic networks and(More)
A student studying introductory biology at the college level faces the challenges of both mastering a large new vocabulary and integrating diverse, core concepts across different levels of biological organization. This task is made even more difficult due to the metaphoric language that is typical of introductory biology textbooks. In this paper, we report(More)
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