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A thermodynamic approach was adopted for determining the stoichiometry of the cardiac Na-Ca exchange system. Vesicles were equilibrated with 0.1 mM 45CaCl2 in a medium containing 30 mM NaCl, 20 mM KCl, and 110 mM LiCl. The vesicles were then treated with valinomycin and diluted into media containing the same 45CaCl2 and NaCl concentrations as in the(More)
Distributing free-ranging animals across a landscape to facilitate proper forage utilization is universally challenging to range livestock managers. By combining Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, Geographical Information System (GIS) methodology and a practical knowledge of animal behavior we have developed a device that autonomously controls(More)
identifying and removing the root cause before too much damage has occurred should result in less rework time. If an event has a positive effect to the project, then the project team may change the process to encourage the continuation of the event. Let us look at how this works. Control charts provide a real-time graphical presentation of how a process is(More)
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