Craig H. Ziegler

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Using the threshold equalizing noise (TEN) test, 49 subjects with at least two pure-tone thresholds per ear greater than 50 dB HL and none greater than 80 dB HL were evaluated for the presence or absence of dead regions. The purpose of this study was to (1) assess the prevalence of cochlear dead regions in this clinical population, (2) measure whether(More)
An increasing body of research evidence supports the use of 12-step program affiliation as an effective adjunct and aftercare for formal treatment. Recently, three brief (9- or 10-item) measures of affiliation have been developed. However, the brief scales are difficult to interpret, and the question of exactly what is affiliation (or disaffiliation)(More)
Although medical schools are encouraging the use of personal digital assistants (PDAs), there have been few investigations of attitudes toward their use by students or residents and only one investigation of the public's attitude toward their use by physicians. In 2006, the University of Louisville School of Medicine surveyed 121 third- and fourth-year(More)
BACKGROUND The role of residents as teachers is recognized as an important part of medical education. However, residents may not possess the practical skills needed to teach medical students effectively. AIM In response to a Liaison Committee on Medical Education citation concerning surgery residents' teaching skills, the University of Louisville School(More)
Little is known about how medical students view academic medicine. This multi-institutional study explored student perceptions of this career path. During 2009-2010, third- and fourth-year students at three United States medical schools completed a 30-item online survey. In total, 239 students completed the questionnaire (37 % response rate). Significant(More)
PURPOSE This study attempted to determine whether auditory-only and auditory-visual speech perception could be trained in a group format. METHOD A randomized controlled trial with at least 16 participants per group was completed. A training-only group completed at least 5 hr of group speech perception training; a training plus psychosocial group completed(More)
For students of the health care professions to succeed in today’s health care environment, they must be prepared to collaborate with other professionals and practice on interdisciplinary teams. As most will care for patients with cancer, they must also understand the principles of palliative care and its integration into oncology. This article reports the(More)
The Department of Conservation's mission is to balance today's needs with tomorrow's challenges and foster intelligent, sustainable, and efficient use of California's energy, land, and mineral resources. Cy opened the meeting and welcomed Forum attendees. Cy noted that due to Governor's Executive Order S-09-09 (June 2009), the DOC had to disencumber its(More)
PURPOSE We surveyed residents and fellows at the University of Louisville School of Medicine (N  =  600) to (1) explore their perceptions and knowledge of issues related to health care business and health care reforms, and (2) seek their input on what instructional content concerning health care business and health care reform they would like to receive and(More)