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A retrospective analysis of 100 consecutive patients undergoing free fibula harvest at the Mayo Clinic is presented. Every patient was analyzed by reviewing postoperative physical examination data. All patients were evaluated and followed in the early postoperative course by the physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Patients were followed from 3 to(More)
One hundred eighteen women treated with mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction for carcinoma were evaluated for recurrence of disease and survival. Fourteen women (12%) suffered relapse of their cancer and 10 patients (9%) died of their disease during a median follow-up of 2.3 years. All seven local recurrences (6%) were detected at an early stage(More)
OBJECTIVE The best management for patients with small- to medium-sized vestibular schwannomas (VS) is controversial. METHODS : A prospective cohort study of 82 patients with unilateral, unoperated VS less than 3 cm undergoing surgical resection (n = 36) or radiosurgery (n = 46). Patients undergoing resection were younger (48.2 yr versus 53.9 yr, P =(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to analyze our experience with the management of patients with postpneumonectomy empyema treated by the Clagett procedure. METHODS Data were analyzed from our prospective database on 84 consecutive patients with postpneumonectomy empyema from July 1988 to June 2004. RESULTS There were 73 men and 11 women. Median(More)
BACKGROUND Flaps are currently the predominant method of reconstruction for irradiated wounds. The usefulness of split-thickness skin grafts (STSG) in this setting remains controversial. The purpose of this study is to examine the outcomes of STSGs in conjunction with VAC therapy used in the treatment of irradiated extremity wounds. METHODS The records of(More)
A patient had neurocysticercosis complicated by a seizure disorder requiring anticonvulsants; previous praziquantel therapy (50 mg/kg/day) had failed to eradicate the disease. In an attempt to inhibit cytochrome P-450 metabolism of praziquantel, cimetidine (1600 mg/day) was coadministered. Before addition of cimetidine, the maximum concentration of(More)
Through a retrospective review, we identified 77 previously unreported cases of coccidioidomycosis during HIV infection. Patients were classified into 1 of 6 categories based on their primary clinical presentation: 20 had focal pulmonary disease (Group 1), 31 had diffuse pulmonary disease (Group 2), 4 had cutaneous coccidioidomycosis (Group 3), 9 had(More)
Capsular contracture is the most common and frustrating complication in women who have undergone breast implantation. Its cause and, accordingly, treatment and prevention remain to be elucidated fully. The aim of this prospective observational pilot study was to test the hypothesis that the presence of bacteria on breast implants is associated with capsular(More)
Hypothenar hammer syndrome (HHS) is characterized by digital ischemia after repetitive traumatic injury to the ulnar artery. Some hypothesize that susceptible patients have an intrinsic vasculopathy such as fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD). To investigate this hypothesis, we reviewed our institutional experience with this syndrome over 25 years. Clinical(More)