Craig G Carroll

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Patients presenting with multiple cranial neuropathies are not uncommon in neurologic clinical practice. The evaluation of these patients can often be overwhelming due to the vast and complicated etiologies as well as the potential for devastating neurologic outcomes. Dysfunction of the cranial nerves can occur anywhere in their course from intrinsic(More)
INTRODUCTION The inter-rater variability in determination of ulnar nerve conduction across the elbow compromises test accuracy. The extent of this variability is unknown. The objective of this study was to determine and compare inter-rater reliability of variables derived from 2 different ulnar nerve conduction studies (NCSs) across the elbow. METHODS Two(More)
Over the past several decades, the neural mechanisms underlying REM sleep have become increasingly understood. A more detailed understanding of the respective roles of the pontine nuclei in the generation of REM sleep and its related phenomenon has allowed for the recognition of specific effects that brainstem lesions have on sleep. In humans, however, the(More)
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