Craig Farnsworth

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1.0 Abstract Asynchronous design methodologies can yield designs that are smaller, and/or consume less power, than their synchronous counterparts. Traditional tools, oriented toward synchronous designs, may miss critical asynchronous design problems. This paper describes the modeling methodology and hazard analysis of the SIMIC logic simulator that address(More)
A silicon-based 60-GHz chipset is described that addresses both the consumer and infrastructure backhaul requirements. An antenna-integrated packaged solution includes a WiGig compliant transceiver and > 8dBi gain antennas. Low-loss wave-guide modules are also shown that integrate the same transceiver with a <; 1dB loss WR-15 wave-guide transition. A(More)
The staff members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the Federal Reserve Banks undertake studies that cover a wide range of economic and financial subjects. From time to time the studies that are of general interest are published in the Staff Studies series and summarized in the Federal Reserve Bulletin. The following paper, was(More)
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