Craig Eales

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AIM The effectiveness of the support of a healthcare practitioner and a family member in producing changes in cardiovascular risk factor modification was tested in a randomised, controlled trial in patients with hypertension. METHODS The primary outcome measured after the 24-week intervention was blood pressure change. Secondary outcomes included(More)
In an effort to optimise the physiotherapy management of patients with penetrating stab wounds to the chest, 26 male patients, aged between 18 and 30 years, were randomised to one of two groups on admission to Hillbrow Hospital. The patients in group I received chest physiotherapy immediately after insertion of the intercostal drain, while patients in group(More)
This study was conducted on a South African cohort to establish the actors that may predict the successful outcome of coronary artery bypass surgery when assessed in terms of improved quality of life one year after the surgery. Information was sought on the socio-economic status of patients, their risk-factor profiles and clinical history. From the patient(More)
We surveyed the membership of aphasia self-help groups in England. We wanted to know what kinds of people become members and the factors associated with taking an active role. So we aimed to describe the membership in terms of age, aphasia severity, physical state, socio-economic status and group roles. We collected data on 135 members and found them(More)
Gunshot and/or stab wounds to the trunk are injuries seen in South African hospitals. Patients are managed in the intensive care unit. Prolonged mechanical ventilation with immobilization results in some degree of muscle dysfunction. Our goal was to determine if patients recover adequately spontaneously following critical illness. No formal rehabilitation(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Independent walking function is a highly desired goal amonst stroke victims, and has been well reported in Western literature. However, few studies have investigated the recovery of gait following stroke in Third World countries, where rehabilitation is often minimal or non-existent. METHODS A descriptive survey, using a structured(More)