Craig E. Emmert

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Four out of 42 cases of primary tubal malignancy diagnosed in our histopathological laboratory were malignant mixed Müllerian tumors (MMMT). All four patients were postmenopausal with a mean age of 66.5 years at diagnosis. A correct preoperative diagnosis was made only in one case. Tumor staging (FIGO) revealed stage Ila, IIIc and IV. One patient died of(More)
Sexual assaults on girls occur at an alarming rate representing a significant public health problem, but difficulties in correctly identifying the problem, managing the child and reporting for legal purposes have been recognized. We describe data obtained on 154 recent cases of child and adolescent sexual assault. Results indicate that those at highest risk(More)
The relation between expression of several splicing variants of the CD 44 glycoprotein by tumor cells and the increased risk of metastases was discussed recently. By means of an immunocytochemical study (imprint cytology specimens from 94 invasive cervical carcinomas) we have shown a significant correlation between expression of CD 44 v6 and invasion of(More)
105 adolescent girls with mean age of 17.3 (11 – 19) years had laparoscopy/pelviscopy between 1996 and 1997. In 37 cases, endometriosis was diagnosed (35.2%). The majority of the girls (32.4%) presented with endoscopic endometriosis classification (EEC) stage I. 2.8% of the girls had stage EEC II. The lesions involved one site or pelvic organ (64.8%) with a(More)
We describe 24 consecutive patients with cervical cancer stage III or IV who received palliative urinary diversion by percutaneous nephrostomy. All patients had proven malignant ureteric obstruction, uremia and failed ureteric stenting. 11 of 17 patients with extensive primary cancer and local lymph node involvement had an acceptable quality of life for 2(More)
Among 2096 patients treated for cervical cancer between 1985–1995, genital fistulas developed in 38 cases (1.8%). 16 patients were affected by rectovaginal, 13 patients had rectovesicovaginal and 9 patients had vesicovaginal fistulas. Median age at time of first presentation of the fistulas was 54.8 years. Fistula size ranged from 0.1 to 2.0 cm in diameter.(More)
Endometriosis associated with chronic pelvic pain is one of the most indications for gynecological pelviscopy. The differential diagnosis of chronic appendicitis is difficult to the similar symptoms, chronic course of both diseases and the increase of an earlier diagnosis of endometriosis concerning the age of women. The meticulous inspection of the whole(More)
 In total, 62 cases with advanced gynecological malignancy were analyzed for the value of interventions for intestinal obstruction. 35 patients had an ileostomy, 7 patients had other palliative surgical intervention and 20 patients were managed conservatively. The median survival after surgical intervention was 7.7 months as against 1.3 months in(More)
120 imprint-cytology specimens obtained from standardized areas of 20 endometrial carcinomas were investigated by use of a computed-controlled image analysis system to determine special quantitative DNA-parameters. The stem line ploidy, the 2c deviation index (2cDI), the DNA-associated graduation of malignancy (DNA-MG) as well as the 5c exceeding rate(More)
This paper demonstrates that two initial conditions – having been settled by a country with a civil law legal system (France, Spain, or Mexico) and membership in the Confederacy during the Civil War – have had lasting effects on state courts in the United States. We find that states initially settled by civil law countries and states in the Confederacy(More)