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Gene rearrangement occurs during development in some cell types and this genome dynamics is modulated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors, including growth stimulants and nutrients. This raises a possibility that such structural change in the genome and its subsequent epigenetic modifications may also take place during mammalian ontogeny, a process(More)
Both gene methylation changes and genetic instability have been noted in offspring of male rodents exposed to radiation or chemicals, but few specific gene targets have been established. Previously, we identified the gene for ribosomal RNA, rDNA, as showing methylation change in sperm of mice treated with the preconceptional carcinogen, chromium(III)(More)
  • C Driver
  • 2001
To explain trends emerging from the study of longevity mutants, a modification of the reactive oxygen species (ROS) model of aging is suggested. ROS do not appear to be produced in greater quantities during cellular activity unless specific factors are also present. These include raised cytosolic calcium and sodium ions, nitric oxide (NO) or dopamine.(More)
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