Craig Driver

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Previous work with a high fat/low carbohydrate diet indicated that Drosophila melanogaster aged faster on that diet than on a high carbohydrate/low fat diet. This could be due to one of eight possibilities enumerated. Oxygen consumption of flies on the high fat/low carbohydrate diet is initially the same as that on the control diet. Subsequently the oxygen(More)
Gene rearrangement occurs during development in some cell types and this genome dynamics is modulated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors, including growth stimulants and nutrients. This raises a possibility that such structural change in the genome and its subsequent epigenetic modifications may also take place during mammalian ontogeny, a process(More)
1. Possible links between metabolism and satiation were investigated using volunteer subjects given test meals based on milk solids. Satisfaction was rated by the subjects on a six-point scale and the course of metabolism was followed by measurement of the respiratory quotient (RQ). 2. The time-course of satiation was the same for a high-carbohydrate, a(More)
We have considered the hypothesis that transposable elements may contribute to the aging process through somatic mutation. We have presented evidence to suggest that at least two elements, Copia and 412, are capable of somatic activity in adult Drosophila tissue. A strain harboring a third transposable element, P, was produced that showed eye color(More)
It is proposed that aging is induced by somatic replication of transposable elements (TEs). Most transposable elements in Drosophila reproduce by reverse transcription. Therefore inhibitors of reverse transcriptase were tested for their ability to retard aging in Drosophila melanogaster. Two inhibitors, phosphonoformic acid (PFA) and dideoxyinosine (ddI),(More)
Both gene methylation changes and genetic instability have been noted in offspring of male rodents exposed to radiation or chemicals, but few specific gene targets have been established. Previously, we identified the gene for ribosomal RNA, rDNA, as showing methylation change in sperm of mice treated with the preconceptional carcinogen, chromium(III)(More)
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