Craig D. Higgins

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OBJECTIVE To investigate risk factors for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in patients in the United Kingdom treated with human pituitary growth hormone (hGH). METHODS Incidence rates of CJD, based on person-year denominators, were assessed in a cohort of 1,848 patients treated with hGH in the United Kingdom from 1959 through 1985 and followed to the end(More)
BACKGROUND Growth hormone raises serum concentrations of insulin-like growth factor IGF-I, which is mitogenic and antiapoptotic. There is evidence that raised endogenous levels of growth hormone and IGF-I might be associated with increased risk of certain solid cancers, but there have been no data on long-term risks of solid cancers after growth hormone(More)
In a case-control study of Campylobacter spp. risk factors in England during 2005-2006, we identified recent consumption of commercially prepared chicken as an important risk factor. The risk for illness associated with recent chicken consumption was much lower for persons who regularly ate chicken than in those who did not, which suggests that partial(More)
If infections are involved in the aetiology of childhood leukaemia then seasonal variation in the birth or onset dates of the malignancy may be apparent. Previous studies that have examined seasonality of these dates have produced conflicting results. Using population-based data from the National Registry of Childhood Tumours we conducted a larger study(More)
In further analyses of a cohort of 39,718 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority employees after 7 more years follow-up, cancer mortality, based on 1,506 deaths in 1946-86, was 20% below the national average. Prostatic cancer mortality showed a statistically significant association with external radiation exposure, largely confined to men who were also(More)
BACKGROUND Studies suggest that routine variations in public drinking water turbidity may be associated with endemic gastrointestinal illness. We systematically reviewed the literature on this topic. METHODS We searched databases and websites for relevant studies in industrialized countries. Studies investigating the association between temporal(More)
Cancer mortality in 40,761 employees of three UK nuclear industry facilities who had been monitored for external radiation exposure was examined according to whether they had also been monitored for possible internal exposure to tritium, plutonium or other radionuclides (uranium, polonium, actinium or other unspecified). Death rates from cancer were(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers commonly employ strategies to increase participation in health studies. These include use of incentives and intensive reminders. There is, however, little evidence regarding the quantitative effect that such strategies have on study results. We present an analysis of data from a case-control study of Campylobacter enteritis in England(More)
The finding of increased risks of specific cancers in individuals with constitutional deletions of chromosomes 11p and 13q led to the discovery of cancer predisposition genes at these locations, but there have been no systematic studies of cancer risks in patients with constitutional deletions, across the chromosome complement. Therefore, we assessed cancer(More)
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