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Dermojet is a spring-loaded device that injects a high velocity microspray capable of perforating the globe. An accidental intraocular injection of triamcinolone acetonide from a Dermojet syringe by a dermatologist is reported. The lack of untoward effects led to experimental intravitreal injections. The Dermojet syringe was used for intravitreal injections(More)
OBJECTIVES The effects of blast exposure have gained increasing interest in the military medical community with their continued occurrence on the battlefield. The impact of the direct and indirect energy imparted from blasts to hollow viscera, as well as closed head injuries, have been well studied. However, the injury to articular cartilage has not been(More)
BACKGROUND Circumferential casting is a vital component of nonoperative fracture management. These casts are commonly valved to release pressure and decrease the risk of complications from swelling. However, little information exists regarding the effect of different casting supplies on the pressure within the cast. METHODS Seventy-five long-arm casts(More)
OBJECTIVE The chondrotoxicity of local anesthetics has been previously recognized. Recent introduction of a liposomal formulation of bupivacaine has been found to significantly improve postoperative pain control but its effect on chondrocyte viability has yet to be investigated with this new formulation. We sought to assess the in vitro chondrotoxicity of(More)
BACKGROUND Increasingly, liposomal bupivacaine is being used with multimodal pain management strategies. In vitro investigations have shown decreased chondrotoxicity profiles for liposomal bupivacaine; however, there is no evidence regarding its in vivo effects. Hypothesis/Purpose: This study sought to investigate the in vivo chondrotoxicity of liposomal(More)
Known as "Valley Fever," coccidiomycosis is a soil-borne, fungal infection predominately found in endemic regions of the southwestern United States and Latin America. While most infected individuals are asymptomatic, <1% of patients have hematogenous seeding of bone, skin, and soft tissue. When the musculoskeletal system is involved, the knee is most(More)
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