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— The majority carrier domain of power semiconductor devices has been extended to 10 kV with the advent of SiC MOSFETs and Schottky diodes. The devices exhibit excellent static and dynamic properties with encouraging preliminary reliability. Twenty-four MOSFETs and twelve Schottky diodes have been assembled in a 10 kV half H-bridge power module to increase(More)
A 1 cm &#x00D7; 1 cm 4H-SiC N-IGBT exhibited a blocking voltage of 20.7 kV with a leakage current of 140 &#x03BC;A, which represents the highest blocking voltage reported from an MOS semiconductor power switching device to date. The device showed a V<sub>F</sub> of 6.4 V at an I<sub>C</sub> of 20 A, and a differential R<sub>on,sp</sub> of 28(More)
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