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Genes and Mechanisms Related to RNA Interference Regulate Expression of the Small Temporal RNAs that Control C. elegans Developmental Timing
RNAi is a gene-silencing phenomenon triggered by double-stranded (ds) RNA and involves the generation of 21 to 26 nt RNA segments that guide mRNA destruction. In Caenorhabditis elegans, lin-4 andExpand
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Analysis of the C. elegans Argonaute Family Reveals that Distinct Argonautes Act Sequentially during RNAi
Argonaute (AGO) proteins interact with small RNAs to mediate gene silencing. C. elegans contains 27 AGO genes, raising the question of what roles these genes play in RNAi and related gene-silencingExpand
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The rde-1 Gene, RNA Interference, and Transposon Silencing in C. elegans
Double-stranded (ds) RNA can induce sequence-specific inhibition of gene function in several organisms. However, both the mechanism and the physiological role of the interference process remainExpand
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piRNAs Initiate an Epigenetic Memory of Nonself RNA in the C. elegans Germline
Organisms employ a fascinating array of strategies to silence invasive nucleic acids such as transposons and viruses. Although evidence exists for several pathways that detect foreign sequences,Expand
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Wnt Signaling and an APC-Related Gene Specify Endoderm in Early C. elegans Embryos
In a 4-cell stage C. elegans embryo, signaling by the P2 blastomere induces anterior-posterior polarity in the adjacent EMS blastomere, leading to endoderm formation. We have taken genetic andExpand
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The Argonaute CSR-1 and Its 22G-RNA Cofactors Are Required for Holocentric Chromosome Segregation
RNAi-related pathways regulate diverse processes, from developmental timing to transposon silencing. Here, we show that in C. elegans the Argonaute CSR-1, the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase EGO-1, theExpand
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Biogenesis and function of tRNA fragments during sperm maturation and fertilization in mammals
Offspring affected by sperm small RNAs Paternal dietary conditions in mammals influence the metabolic phenotypes of offspring. Although prior work suggests the involvement of epigenetic pathways, theExpand
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PRG-1 and 21U-RNAs interact to form the piRNA complex required for fertility in C. elegans.
In metazoans, Piwi-related Argonaute proteins have been linked to germline maintenance, and to a class of germline-enriched small RNAs termed piRNAs. Here we show that an abundant class of 21Expand
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Distinct argonaute-mediated 22G-RNA pathways direct genome surveillance in the C. elegans germline.
Endogenous small RNAs (endo-siRNAs) interact with Argonaute (AGO) proteins to mediate sequence-specific regulation of diverse biological processes. Here, we combine deep-sequencing and geneticExpand
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Functional Proteomics Reveals the Biochemical Niche of C. elegans DCR-1 in Multiple Small-RNA-Mediated Pathways
In plants, animals, and fungi, members of the Dicer family of RNase III-related enzymes process double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) to initiate small-RNA-mediated gene-silencing mechanisms. To learn how C.Expand
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