Craig C. Baillie

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Purpose In Australia, farmers and natural resource managers are striving to enhance environmental outcomes at farm and catchment scales by planting streamside management zones (SMZs) on farms with trees and other perennial vegetation. Lack of sound information on and funding for establishing and managing trees in SMZs is hindering widescale adoption of this(More)
This paper combines data from soil moisture capacitance probes and a cosmic-ray neutron probe in a fuzzy inference system to estimate spatially variable soil moisture in a ~28 ha circular area at an hourly interval in northeast Tasmania, Australia. The technique uses hourly counts of cosmic-ray neutrons, a network of 25 capacitance probes measuring soil(More)
This study combines soil moisture capacitance probes and cosmic-ray neutron probe with a Fuzzy Inference System to estimate variability of soil moisture in a ~28 ha circle over time. The technique demonstrates that the cosmic-ray neutron probe's average neutron count and a network of capacitance probes may be useful for estimating spatial and temporal(More)
The use of buffers to protect streams in the agricultural landscape is a priority internationally for investing in water quality protection. However, the quantitative benefits of this practice are difficult to predict for a range of water quality parameters. It also has been generally unclear in Australia how codes of forest practice apply to situations(More)
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