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The Tactile Helmet is designed to augment a wearer's senses with long-range touch. Tactile specialist animals e.g. rats are capable of rapidly acquiring detailed environmental information from their whiskers using task-sensitive strategies. Providing similar information about the environment, in tactile form, to a human operator could prove invaluable for(More)
This paper presents an overview of the COVIRA project, AIM Project No. 2003. The COVIRA consortium has been performing research in the area of Multimodality Image Analysis, with a focus on. Registration and Segmentation. Together with results in the areas of Visualization, User Interface, Digital Anatomy Atlas, Conformal 3D Radiation Therapy Planning, and(More)
Sensory substitution and augmentation devices (SSADs) allow users to perceive information about their environment that is usually beyond their sensory capabilities. Despite an extensive history, SSADs are arguably not used to their fullest, both as assistive technology for people with sensory impairment or as research tools in the psychology and(More)
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