Craig Andrews

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Droplet-based programmable processors promise to offer solutions to a wide range of applications in which chemical and biological analysis and/or small-scale synthesis are required, suggesting they will become the microfluidic equivalents of microprocessors by offering off-the-shelf solutions for almost any fluid based analysis or small scale synthesis(More)
A high-voltage (HV) integrated circuit has been demonstrated to transport fluidic droplet samples on programmable paths across the array of driving electrodes on its hydrophobically coated surface. This exciter chip is the engine for dielectrophoresis (DEP)-based micro-fluidic lab-on-a-chip systems, creating field excitations that inject and move fluidic(More)
Diagnosis and treatment of human diseases frequently requires isolation and detection of certain cell types from a complex mixture. Compared with traditional separation and detection techniques, microfluidic approaches promise to yield easy-to-use diagnostic instruments tolerant of a wide range of operating environments and capable of accomplishing(More)
A high-voltage (HV) integrated circuit has been demonstrated to transport droplets on programmable paths across its coated surface. This chip is the engine for a dielectrophoresis (DEP)-based micro-fluidic lab-on-a-chip system. This chip creates DEP forces that move and help inject droplets. Electrode excitation voltage and frequency are variable. With the(More)
abstract groupers and their associated reef fish assemblage near cape fear, north carolina, were observed using scuba and underwater stationary videography during a 7-mo period. fifty-seven sites were visited with stationary video and diver point counts of groupers were taken at each site. primary observations by both techniques were made on gag,(More)
We present a wide tuning range passive mixer-first receiver with resonant non-overlapping LO drive and noise-power optimized multi-path baseband amplifier. The receiver consumes 10-12mW (including VCOs, pulse generation and baseband) over a frequency range of 0.7-3.2GHz with a 1.3V supply. An LO generation architecture generates a 12.5% duty cycle resonant(More)
The North-South Institute is a charitable corporation established in 1976 to provide professional, policy-relevant research on relations between industrialized and developing countries. The Institute is independent and cooperates with a wide range of Canadian and international organizations working in related activities. The contents of this study represent(More)
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