Craig Adkins

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The results of treatment were reviewed in 16 patients (10 male and six female) who had Ewing's sarcoma of the foot from 1954 through 1992. Mean age was 17 years (range, 10-42 years). The tumor involved the metatarsals (six patients), phalanges (four), calcaneus (three), navicular (one), talus (one), and calcaneus and phalanx (one). Seven patients had(More)
Retinol or retinoic acid is required for insulin release. Retinoids increase transglutaminase activity, and transglutaminase has been implicated in islet insulin release. To examine whether transglutaminase could mediate effects of retinoids on insulin secretion, we measured (i) transglutaminase activity in islets from rats deficient in vitamin A or(More)
BACKGROUND The Southern Nursery Integrated Pest Management (SNIPM) working group surveyed ornamental nursery crop growers in the southeastern United States to determine their pest management practices. Respondents answered questions about monitoring practices for insects, diseases and weeds, prevention techniques, intervention decisions, concerns about IPM(More)
A comparative synthetic, structural, and thermochemical study on a series of chelate complexes containing the fragment (eta 5-C5Me5)Ir [(eta 5-C5Me5)Ir(TsNCH2CH2NTs) (1), (eta 5-C5Me5)Ir(TsNCH2CO2) (2), (eta 5-C5Me5)Ir(CO2CO2) (3)] was performed to clarify the roles of carboxylato and sulfonamido ligands. Whereas 1 and 2 are monomeric in solution and in the(More)
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