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The Migration Dynamics of the “Creative Class”: Evidence from a Study of Artists in Stockholm, Sweden
This article focuses on a neglected issue in debates about the “creative city,” the migration dynamics of the so-called creative class. The work of Richard Florida on the importance of the “creativeExpand
Mundane mobilities, banal travels
All of us are caught up in banal or mundane mobilities, whether it is the walk to the bus stop and catching the bus to town, the daily commute by train to work, the trip by car to the supermarket,Expand
European Union enlargement, post-accession migration and imaginative geographies of the ‘New Europe’: media discourses in Romania and the United Kingdom
This paper is concerned with re-imaginings of ‘Europe’ following the accession to the European Union (EU) of former ‘Eastern European’ countries. In particular it explores media representations ofExpand
The Socialist Past and Postsocialist Urban Identity in Central and Eastern Europe
Cities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are creating new urban identities under conditions of postsocialist transformation, Europeanization and globalization. Discourses about postsocialist urbanExpand
`Seed to shelf', `teat to table', `barley to beer’ and `womb to tomb': discourses of food quality and quality assurance schemes in the UK
Abstract In the current restructuring of agro-food systems quality is seen as increasingly important and in the United Kingdom this is evidenced by the growth in quality assurance schemes (QAS). TheExpand
Toponymy as Commodity: Exploring the Economic Dimensions of Urban Place Names
In recent years the study of urban toponymy (place names) has been revitalized by the emergence of a ‘critical toponymies' approach. This focuses on the cultural politics of place naming and theExpand
Living with Difference? The 'Cosmopolitan City' and Urban Reimaging in Manchester, UK
This paper explores notions of cosmopolitanism and the 'cosmopolitan city' to interrogate how difference is constructed and treated in the contemporary entrepreneurial city. This is achieved throughExpand
The politics of toponymic continuity: the limits of change and the ongoing lives of street names
There is a widespread recognition in the critical toponymies literature that radical or revolutionary political change is accompanied by the renaming of urban streets and buildings. In particular,Expand