Craig A White

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Cognitive therapy supervision as a framework for clinical supervision in nursing: using structure to guide discovery Cognitive therapy has an undisputed evidence base upon which its clinical application flourishes. This approach is now a well-recognized and widely adopted method used in the treatment of a diversity of psychological problems. More recently,(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of cancer has been shown to precipitate posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in some cancer survivors. However few studies have considered the links between cancer-related PTSD and theoretical models of PTSD. This study considers a cognitive model of PTSD by examining the relationship between sense of coherence, and fear of(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous cementless femoral stem design variations are in clinical use. Because initial implant instability and micromotion are associated with aseptic loosening of the femoral component, migration analysis provides an early assessment of implant survivorship. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We determined the (1) migration pattern of the Accolade cementless(More)
The Distress Thermometer (DT) is a well validated screening tool, demonstrably sensitive and reasonably specific to the construct of distress in cancer. Its brevity makes it ideal to incorporate into a system of distress management. To ascertain how far this idea has been developed in practice, and to support future research, a literature review was(More)
Although 'meaning' is a construct that has been referred to for many years within psychological research, particularly in work to examine the ways in which individuals respond to crises or illness, it is only relatively recently that this has started to appear within the psychosocial oncology literature. Where the term has been used, there has been much(More)
This case conference presents a patient with von Willebrand disease, receiving year-long interferon treatment for hepatitis C. She was referred to C-L Psychiatry following a severe exacerbation of panic disorder. Our guest interviewer is Dr. Craig White, a Scottish cognitive therapist. The subsequent discussion outlines the treatment challenges of panic(More)
This article presents some of the findings from a multicentre cross-sectional correlational study to evaluate the relationship between colostomy pouch change and disposal practices and the patient's psychological wellbeing. Five questionnaires were used in a one-off interview with 86 patients. Patients were assessed at between one and four months(More)
This systematic review evaluates the evidence underpinning the provision of palliative day care services (PDS) to determine whether such services have a measurable effect on attendees' wellbeing. The majority of studies reviewed were qualitative and elicited individual perceptions of the benefits PDS. Although it was difficult to determine the quality of(More)