Craig A. Swearingen

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A series of phenyl piperidine alpha-sulfone hydroxamate derivatives has been prepared utilizing a combination of solution-phase and resin-bound library technologies to afford compounds that are potent and highly selective for MMP-13, are dual-sparing of MMP-1 and MMP-14 (MT1-MMP) and exhibit oral bioavailability in rats.
To investigate the functional roles of individual HLA-DR residues in T cell recognition, transfectants expressing wild-type or mutant DR(o~, B1"0401) molecules with single amino acid substitutions at 14 polymorphic positions of the DI~1"0401 chain or 19 positions of the DRo~ chain were used as antigen-presenting cells for five T cell clones specific for the(More)
A series of alpha-alkyl-alpha-amino-beta-sulphone hydroxamates was prepared and evaluated for potency versus MMP-2 and MMP-13, and for selectivity versus MMP-1. Low nanomolar potency was obtained with selectivity versus MMP-1 ranging from >10 to >1000. Selected compounds were orally bioavailable.
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