Craig A. Morgenstern

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This paper is concerned with the design and performance of coloration neighborhood search (CNS) algorithms for the general graph coloring problem. A coloration neighborhood is an implicit mapping F : II --+ 25 where H is the set of all colorations of a graph, G = (V,E). We require that F(C) be easily enumerable and, ideally, we would like to be able to(More)
We present several algorithms for rapidly four-coloring large planar graphs and discuss the results of extensive experimentation with over 140 graphs from two distinct classes of randomly generated instances having up to 128,000 vertices. Although the algorithms can potentially require exponential time, the observed running times of our more sophisticated(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the effect of the Sorbet Increases Salivation (SIS) intervention on resident food intake and body weight. Using a pre- post design, thirty-nine nursing home residents received 2 ounces of lemon-lime sorbet prior to lunch and dinner meals for 6 weeks. As a comparison and prior to the intervention, participants were(More)
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