Craig A. Finch

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A method has been developed for measuring neutrophil cellularity in normal human bone marrow, in which the neutrophil-erythroid ratio was determined from marrow sections and marrow normoblasts were estimated by the erythron iron turnover. Neutrophil maturational categories, defined by morphologic criteria, were supported by autoradiographs of marrow(More)
EEG operant conditioning in an alumina-gel monkey model (N = 14) to decrease EMG, to increase 9 Hz or decrease 9 Hz, and to increase 23 Hz (18 Hz and 26 Hz in 2 pilot monkeys), respectively, was not consistently beneficial in reducing seizures. The data suggested: (1) that desynchronization of the EEG by reinforcing 18-26 Hz decreased in some animals the(More)
Five patients with seizures poorly controlled by standard anticonvulsant medication, underwent EEG operant conditioning. The operant paradigm reinforced the production of low voltage fast activity while decreasing frequencies below 10 c/sec. Seizure frequency decreased in 2 patients, seizure severity was attenuated in 2 others, and one patient who was only(More)
The relationship between plasma iron, transferrin saturation, and plasma iron turnover was studied in 53 normal subjects whose transferrin saturation varied between 17% and 57%, in 25 normal subjects whose transferrin saturation was increased by iron infusion to between 67% and 100%, and in five subjects with early untreated idiopathic hemochromatosis whose(More)
Microreactors experience significant deviations from plug flow due to the no-slip boundary condition at the walls of the chamber. The development of stagnation zones leads to widening of the residence time distribution at the outlet of the reactor. A hybrid design optimization process that combines modeling and experiments has been utilized to minimize the(More)
A method for utilizing slow-speed EEG (1/4 mm sec) to detect and quantify gross-motor clinical seizures in a chronic monkey model is described. The technique is particularly useful in the detection of small clinical seizures that may occur in studies of drug efficacy. It estimates the reams of paper generated by standard EEG recording (30 mm/sec) that(More)
We present a novel, non-parametric, frequentist approach for capture-recapture data based on a ratio estimator, which offers several advantages. First, as a non-parametric model, it does not require a known underlying distribution for parameters nor the associated assumptions, eliminating the need for post-hoc corrections or additional modeling to account(More)
Current design tools cannot accurately predict the adsorption of proteins in microfluidic devices that handle biological liquids. A continuum model was developed to predict the transport of hard-sphere particles in a liquid and the adsorption of the particles on a solid surface. Particle configurations obtained from Brownian dynamics simulations were used(More)
This paper provides a comprehensive methodology for accurate analysis and design of miniaturized radio frequency (RF) surface acoustic wave (SAW) duplexer package. Full-wave analysis based on the three dimensional (3-D) finite element method (FEM) is applied to get the package model. The die model is obtained by combining the parasitics and acoustics(More)