Craig A. Depken

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We estimate the demand for colleges in the United States by relating new applications to easily con rmable characteristics of the schools in the sample. We nd that the demand for 1134 U.S. colleges in 1994 is positively related to out-of-state tuition but inversely related to in-state tuition. Further, we nd those who apply to private schools are more price(More)
This paper investigates whether advertising has a beneficial or deleterious impact on the demand for magazine subscriptions. If consumers consider advertising a ‘bad,’ publishers must subsidize consumers through lower subscription prices or additional editorial content. If advertising is a ‘good,’ then consumers are willing to pay because it adds value to(More)
We estimate the impact of corruption on a country's creditworthiness. Corruption affects creditworthiness through its impact on the size of the formal sector of an economy. We find that creditworthiness, as measured by sovereign credit ratings, is decreasing in corruption. It follows from our benchmark estimates that a one standard deviation decrease in(More)
This study uses California data to compare redevelopment for properties subject to mandatory and voluntary cleanup. CalSites are subject to the CERCLA liability approach, while properties in the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) are subject to a risk-based approach (RBA) that allows some contamination to remain for non-residential redevelopment. The(More)
This paper investigates the impact of audience characteristics on the newsstand sales, the cover price and the price of advertising in the US magazine industry. Employing a unique data set describing 94 US magazines, a simultaneous equations model estimates the impact of various audience andmagazine characteristics on the price ofmagazine advertising. The(More)