Craig A. Anderson

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This paper presents spatially robust far-field microphone beamformers and nullformers derived using the von Mises and von Mises-Fisher distributions to model the expected direction of arrival. Simple analytic expressions are presented for 2D and 3D far-field correlation functions and used to design spatially robust beamformers and nullformers. It is(More)
Previous research on how people judge the relation between continuous variables has indicated that judgments of scatterplots are curvilinearly related to Pearson's correlation coefficient. In this article, we argue that because Pearson's correlation is composed of three distinct components (slope, error variance, and variance of A") it is better to look at(More)
In this paper, a pair of analytic expressions describing the correlation functions due to spherically symmetric radial Gaussian and uniform volume near-field source position distributions are presented. An approximate spatial correlation function solution for a radial Gaussian source location distribution is derived and compared with the existing numerical(More)
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