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BACKGROUND A high plasma homocysteine concentration is associated with increased risk of atherothrombotic disease. We investigated the effects of homocysteine-lowering treatment (folic acid plus vitamin B6) on markers of subclinical atherosclerosis among healthy siblings of patients with premature atherothrombotic disease. METHODS We did a randomised,(More)
Patient views on the quality of care have always been assessed by means of patient satisfaction questionnaires. The objectives of this study were to develop an instrument that would: (1) produce more specific data on health care services; (2) produce data that are related to the needs and expectations of individual clients; (3) contain items that had been(More)
Surveying the literature on the assessment of quality of care from the patient's perspective, the concept has often been operationalized as patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction has been a widely investigated subject in health care research, and dozens of measuring instruments were developed during the past decade. Quality of care from the patient's(More)
BACKGROUND patient views on the quality of care are usually assessed by means of patient satisfaction questionnaires. AIM to develop an instrument that would: (i) produce data related to the expectations and experiences of noninstitutionalized elderly people, (ii) contain items that had been formulated in collaboration with elderly people, (iii) measure(More)
Patient judgments on the quality of health care services have become increasingly important. This research describes the development and empirical testing of an instrument that measures quality of health care services from the perspective of noninstitutionalized patients. The instrument was developed in close collaboration with noninstitutionalized patients(More)
An instrument to assess perceived quality of life of physically frail elderly persons is needed in nursing home research. Four existing instruments (Pain, Somatic Autonomy, Life Satisfaction, Social Isolation) and two new scales (Perceived Safety, Perceived Autonomy) were tested for internal consistency, validity of the dimensional structure, discriminatory(More)
In many countries, governments pursue a policy of offering persons with disabilities greater opportunities for participation in society, based on the assumption that this will also improve their subjective well-being. Currently, however, it is not known whether this assumption is valid. In this study we relate the objective participation and the subjective(More)
Informal caregivers are one of the pillars of home health care. In the Netherlands, the free help they provide to sick or disabled family members, acquaintances or friends exceeds the number of hours of home care provided by professionals. While the government welcomes their contribution, there is concern about the potential burden their work imposes on(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, a new exercise test criterion diagnosing coronary artery disease was proposed, based on a composite of changes in Q-, R- and S-waves: the QRS score. We compared this new criterion with conventional ST-segment depression and other compositions of Q-, R- and S-wave changes in patients and normals and related the QRS score to reversible(More)
This study evaluated the effects of the implementation of the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) on gaps perceived between residents' needs and nursing care received in Dutch nursing homes. In a controlled group design residents were interviewed before and after the implementation. Most gaps were perceived in the psycho-social area rather than physical or(More)