Coy D. Smith

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Studies were performed to evaluate a method for selective isolation of Histoplasma capsulatum and Blastomyces dermatitidis from contaminated specimens. Ammonium hydroxide placed on an agar medium surface was found to inhibit the growth of many bacteria, yeasts, and saphrophytic fungi normally found in specimens such as animal tissues and sputum. In one(More)
Comparisons of growth and viability ofH. capsulatum on Sabouraud's medium with agar medium plus infusions of soil with and without starling (S. vulgaris) manure indicate that: 1. The largest number of viable conidia and smallest number of hyphal elements were developed on agar plus infusion of loam soil enriched with starling manure (Medium No. 3). 2. The(More)
A precise and sensitive radioimmunoassay to determine human plasma lamotrigine (430C78), Lamictal) is described. The method is a direct double antibody procedure employing a rabbit polyclonal first antibody raised to a BSA conjugate of lamotrigine, and an iodinated tyrosine methyl ester of lamotrigine as the tracer. Both reagents are added simultaneously to(More)