Courtney Rowland

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BACKGROUND In December 2003 and April 2005, signs and symptoms suggestive of infection developed in two groups of recipients of solid-organ transplants. Each cluster was investigated because diagnostic evaluations were unrevealing, and in each a common donor was recognized. METHODS We examined clinical specimens from the two donors and eight recipients,(More)
The assembly of very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) by hepatocytes is believed to occur via a two-step process. The first step is the formation of a dense phospholipid and protein-rich particle that is believed to be converted to VLDL by the addition of bulk triglyceride in a second step. Previous studies in our laboratory led us to hypothesize a third(More)
Several anti-cancer agents are administered by continuous infusion in an attempt to improve the therapeutic index obtained with solid tumours. In Exeter this approach, combined with the use of ambulatory infusion pumps, forms the basis of a home oncology programme in which a complete course of medication in pre-filled syringes is supplied on an out-patient(More)
Trilostane and Aminoglutethimide, each given with a physiological replacement dose of hydrocortisone, were randomly allocated to 72 eligible postmenopausal advanced breast cancer patients; following treatment failure on either drug the patient continued with the other drug, if in a suitable clinical condition. Thirty-eight patients initially received(More)
Visual speech cues influence different aspects of language acquisition. However, whether developmental language disorders may be associated with atypical processing of visual speech is unknown. In this study, we used behavioral and ERP measures to determine whether children with a history of SLI (H-SLI) differ from their age-matched typically developing(More)
Seeing articulatory gestures while listening to speech-in-noise (SIN) significantly improves speech understanding. However, the degree of this improvement varies greatly among individuals. We examined a relationship between two distinct stages of visual articulatory processing and the SIN accuracy by combining a cross-modal repetition priming task with ERP(More)