Courtney Reid

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There is on-going global debate and policy-setting concerning researchers' obligations to meet the health needs of people participating in HIV prevention trials in resource-poor settings. The perspectives of local community stakeholders on this issue are poorly understood as most of what is presented on behalf of communities where research takes place is(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the possible effects of flumazenil on cognitive processing, physiology, and mood. Design A double-blind, placebo controlled, four-way cross-over study, using healthy volunteers. METHODS On each of 4 separate visits, 16 participants received 0.5 mg, 2.5 mg, 5.0 mg of flumazenil, or normal saline. They then performed a computerised test(More)
Human HEK293 cells that stably express the Epstein Barr nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA1) support the episomal replication of plasmids containing the Epstein Barr virus origin of replication (EBV oriP). A 293EBNA (293E) cell line expressing the human corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor subtype I (CRHR1) from an episomal plasmid was generated (293CR1s),(More)
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the efficacy of radiographic screening for tuberculosis in correctional facilities. METHODS Inmates at an admission facility in New York, NY, were screened for tuberculosis by registry cross-match, symptom interviews, tuberculin testing, and chest radiography. RESULTS Thirty-two cases of tuberculosis were detected among(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore homeless youths' perspectives on the power of drugs in their lives, the preferred type of drugs used, barriers to treatment, and strategies to prevent drug initiation and abuse. This was a descriptive, qualitative study using focus groups with a purposeful sample of 24 drug-using homeless youth. The results provided(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare professionals often rely on parents to provide accurate dental anxiety assessment for their children. To date no studies have reported on inter-rater agreement between children's self-reported and their parents'/guardians' proxy-reported dental anxiety in the UK. AIMS To assess the frequency of self-reported dental anxiety in(More)
A retrospective study of sickness absence, respiratory impairment and their relation to smoking habits was conducted among a heterogeneous population of 1867 staff members of 12 Australian organizations. Data on smoking habits were used to divide the sample into current cigarette smokers (n=392), ex-cigarette smokers (n=182) and those who had never smoked(More)
Background Surgical dentistry during orthodontic care often occurs in adolescence and may involve surgical removal or exposure of teeth. The invasive nature of treatment, combined with dental anxiety, means care can often be provided under general anaesthesia (GA). Best-practice guidelines however endorse conscious sedation as an alternative, where(More)