Courtney M. Bell

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iSTART (interactive strategy training for active reading and thinking) is a Web-based reading strategy trainer that develops students' ability to self-explain difficult text as a means to improving reading comprehension. Its curriculum consists of modules presented interactively by pedagogical agents: an introduction to the basics of using reading(More)
Diethyl ether vapor may substantially interfere with breath alcohol analysis by instruments based on infrared absorption at 9.5 microns. Exposure of two volunteers simultaneously to diethyl ether vapor for one hour followed immediately by breath tests on the Draeger Alcotest 7110, Siemens Alcomat V5.2F, and Seres Ethylometre 679T produced apparent alcohol(More)
The accuracy, precision and specificity for ethanol of eight different evidential breath alcohol measuring devices were evaluated. Other factors of importance, such as susceptibility to radio frequency interference and variation in the power supply voltage were also examined. On the basis of the above criteria, three instruments were identified as more(More)
In most cases, new breath alcohol measuring devices satisfy the requirements for accuracy and precision. All instruments however, have responded to some substances other than ethanol. In this area of instruments specificity for ethanol there is scope for further development. Substances other than ethanol may be distinguished as interfering substances by the(More)
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