Courtney Loder

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Azotobacter vinelandii cydAB mutants lacking cytochrome bd lost viability in stationary phase, irrespective of temperature, but microaerobiosis or iron addition to stationary phase cultures prevented viability loss. Growth on solid medium was inhibited by a diffusible factor from neighbouring cells, and by iron chelators, In(III) or Ga(III); microaerobic(More)
Social media is a critical avenue for national discourse – raising awareness, advocating for specific campaigns, mocking current events, and truly revealing the pulse of a nation though the lens of its citizens. With the current fascination regarding big data, there is a push towards discovering correlations between one's behavior online and their actions(More)
Facebook's recent implementation of " custom " gender options and gender-neutral pronouns provided transgender and gender-non-conforming users with new ways to represent gender identity online. We analyze user response to and use of these affordances. We found that while many transgender and gender non-conforming Facebook users used and appreciated the new(More)
This poster presents findings from an analysis of the gendered aspects of visual and performative choices players make when designing an avatar in World of Warcraft. Within the game, the binary choice of male or female gender itself is an aesthetic choice with no strategic impact, allowing players to construct a more multidimensional gendered in-game(More)
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