Courtney Ideo

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The aim of this research was to perform an in vivo study on the relationships between lipid oxide (LP), platelet aggregation and PAF-acetylhydrolase in a model using perfusion of cholesterol-rich LDL media diluted to physiological LDL-cholesterol concentration. Normal rabbits were infused with LDL (d 1.025-1.063 g/ml) extracted from rabbits previously fed(More)
BACKGROUND The authors describe the preclinical pharmacological properties of GAL-021, a novel peripheral chemoreceptor modulator. METHODS The ventilatory effects of GAL-021 were characterized using tracheal pneumotachometry (n = 4 to 6), plethysmography (n = 5 to 6), arterial blood gas analyses (n = 6 to 11), and nasal capnography (n = 3 to 4) in naive(More)
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