Courtney Brock

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This review is intended to assess the state of current knowledge on the role of estrogen receptors (ERs) in the neuroprotective effects of estrogens in models for acute neuronal injury and death. We evaluate the overall evidence that estrogens are neuroprotective in acute injury and critically assess the role of ERα, ERβ, GPR 30, and nonreceptor-mediated(More)
CONTEXT The role of diet composition in response to overeating and energy dissipation in humans is unclear. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of overconsumption of low, normal, and high protein diets on weight gain, energy expenditure, and body composition. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS A single-blind, randomized controlled trial of 25 US healthy,(More)
BACKGROUND Malignant B cells from patients with chronic B lymphocytic leukemia (B CLL) generally express both surface IgM and the pan T cell antigen CD5, a characteristic of the B1 population of B lymphocytes. The IgM on the surface of these B CLL cells is frequently polyreactive with respect to its capacity to recognize multiple structurally dissimilar(More)
BACKGROUND Energy expenditure (EE) increases with overfeeding, but it is unclear how rapidly this is related to changes in body composition, increased body weight, or diet. OBJECTIVE The objective was to quantify the effects of excess energy from fat or protein on energy expenditure of men and women living in a metabolic chamber. DESIGN We conducted a(More)
The sera of 30 patients with premature ovarian failure (POF) and a control group of 19 menopausal women were screened for anti-ovarian and other tissue antibodies. Anti-ovarian antibodies were detected by indirect immunofluorescence using monkey ovary substrates from two different commercial sources. Serum anti-ovarian antibodies were detected in only one(More)
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