Courtney A Bryce

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Maternal diabetes during pregnancy may increase the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in the offspring by increasing inflammation. A major source of inflammatory signaling observed in diabetes is activation of the receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE), and increased RAGE expression has been reported in psychiatric disorders. Thus, we sought(More)
Acute stress activates numerous systems in a coordinated effort to promote homeostasis, and can exert differential effects on mnemonic and cognitive functions depending on a myriad of factors. Stress can alter different forms of cost/benefit decision-making, yet the mechanisms that drive these effects, remain unclear. In the present study, we probed how(More)
The stress response is essential to the survival of all species as it maintains internal equilibrium and allows organisms to respond to threats in the environment. Most stress research has focused on the detrimental impacts of stress on cognition and behavior. Reversal learning, which requires a change in response strategy based on one dimension of the(More)
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