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Scenarios are possible future states of the world that represent alternative plausible conditions under different assumptions. Often, scenarios are developed in a context relevant to stakeholders involved in their applications since the evaluation of scenario outcomes and implications can enhance decision-making activities. This paper reviews the(More)
Synopsis Scenario analysis is a process of evaluating possible future events through the consideration of alternative plausible (though not equally likely) outcomes (scenarios). The analysis is designed to enable improved decision-making and assessment through a more rigorous evaluation of possible outcomes and their implications. For environmental impact(More)
Increasingly, models (and modelers) are being asked to address the interactions between human influences, ecological processes, and landscape dynamics that impact many diverse aspects of managing complex coupled human and natural systems. These systems may be profoundly influenced by human decisions at multiple spatial and temporal scales, and the(More)
The Synthesising and Interpreting Language for Clinical Kinematics (SILCK) is an informatic framework for developing software to control automated rehabilitation devices. It aids adoption of devices into rehabilitation practice, by bridging the gap between clinical practice and internal device operation. SILCK defines data entities and processes for(More)
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