Court B. Cutting

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Five normal subjects were used to study the relations between muscle activity and velar position. The speech sample consisted of the sustained sounds /i/, /u/, /s/, nonnasal /a/, and nasalized /a/. Velar position was determined using lateral-view x-rays. Electromyographic activity was measured from hooked-wire electrodes intended to record from the levator(More)
The secondary nasal skin envelope asymmetries were studied after unilateral cleft lip repair using the original (obsolete) rotation-advancement (Millard I) and the triangular flap techniques (Bardach's modification). Secondary correction of the nasal deformity was not performed in either group. Our findings indicated that in both groups, vertical(More)
Two cases of aplasia cutis congenita with associated bony defects are presented to highlight the dangers of delayed coverage of exposed dura. Management of one case was complicated by repeated local and systemic sepsis and the other by repeated, life-threatening hemorrhage. Early, definitive coverage of these defects using full thickness skin flaps avoids(More)
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