Costin Pribeanu

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With the explosion of devices, computing platforms, contex-tual conditions, user interfaces become more confronted to a need to be adapted to multiple configurations of the context of use. In the past, many techniques were developed to perform a task analysis for obtaining a single user interface that is adapted for a single context of use. As this user(More)
Multiple versions and expressions of task models used in user interface design, specification, and verification of interactive systems have led to an ontological problem of identifying and understanding concepts which are similar or different across models. This variety raises a particular problem in model-based approaches for designing user interfaces as(More)
Despite the existing regulations and standards at national and international level, web content is still difficult to use, if not completely unusable, for visually impaired people. This paper presents the evaluation results for three municipal web sites. A combined method, based on conformance review and expert review, was employed. Overall, the results(More)
Several initiatives at European level exist that promote e-inclusion and web accessibility. Despite all concerns, the accessibility of municipal websites is still low. This paper presents a study regarding the conformance of 60 municipal websites in 2014 with WCAG2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). A comparison of results with similar data in 2011(More)
The increasing popularity of Facebook among university students is raising several research questions regarding the characteristics of use. In the context of modern school, the academic use and the usage related to the university context are of special interest. This paper aims at analyzing the motives for the use of Facebook and the characteristics of(More)
Text-to-speech synthesis has many applications in the area of assistive technologies for visually impaired people. Some applications require multilingual text-to-speech synthesis. In this case, multilingual text analysis and voice switching are desirable. In this paper an improved functional version (beta) of a software component for polyglot text-to-speech(More)