Costin Anghel

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"Normally off, instantly on" applications are becoming common in our environment. They range from healthcare to video surveillance. As the number of applications and their associated performance requirements grow rapidly, more and more powerful, flexible and power efficient computing units are necessary. In such a context, Field Programmable Gate Arrays(More)
This paper presents a TFET/CMOS hybrid SRAM architecture designed to address the requirements for ULP (Ultra-Low Power) applications, like IoT (Internet of Things). A novel 3-Transistor TFET SRAM cell is used for array while CMOS for periphery. The simulation extractions for power and speed are done including wiring and device parasitic capacitance from 4Kb(More)
A refresh free and scalable ultimate DRAM (uDRAM) bitcell and architecture is proposed for embedded application. uDRAM 1T1C bitcell is designed using access Tunnel FETs. Proposed design is able to store the data statically during retention eliminating the need for refresh. This is achieved using negative differential resistance property of TFETs and storage(More)