Costanzo Manes

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This note presents a new approach for the construction of a state observer for nonlinear systems when the output measurements are available for computations after a non negligible time delay. The proposed observer consists of a chain of observation algorithms reconstructing the system state at different delayed time instants (chain observer). Conditions are(More)
The problem of state reconstruction from input and output measurements for nonlinear time delay systems is studied in this paper and a state observer is proposed that is easy to implement and, under suitable assumptions on the system and on the input function, gives exponential observation error decay. The proposed observer is itself a delay system and can(More)
This paper investigates the issue of the internal stability of nonlinear delay systems controlled with a feedback law that performs exact input–output, linearization and delay cancellation. In previous works the authors showed that, unlike with the case of systems without state delays, when the relative degree is equal to the number of state variables and(More)
In this paper, the problem of state observation with exponential error decay for nonlinear systems affine in the input is considered and an observer is proposed. For such an observer, the drift-observability property of the system (i.e., observability for zero input), together with an assumption on the input amplitude or on the observation relative degree,(More)
A new modeling approach for describing motion of robots in contact with a possibly dynamic environment is presented. The proposed technique allows one to model all those cases in which purely kinematic constraints imposed on the robot end-effector live together with dynamic interactions. Suitable parametrizations are introduced for the environment(More)
In previous papers the authors presented an elementary theory for feedback control of nonlinear delay systems, in which methods of standard nonlinear analysis were used to solve control problems such as output regulation and tracking, disturbance decoupling and model matching for a class of nonlinear delay systems. Output control was obtained by means of(More)
The problem of state observation for nonlinear systems is of main importance in automatic control. In recent years many contributions have been presented in literature that solve the design problem for classes of nonlinear systems. Most works can be roughly classified into two categories. In one the geometrical properties of vector fields defining the(More)
In this paper an approximation scheme is developed for the solution of the linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control on a finite time interval for hereditary systems with multiple noncommensurate delays and distributed delay. The solution here proposed is achieved by means of two approximating subspaces: the first one to approximate the Riccati equation for(More)