Costantinos Papadopoulos

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Intracoronal bleaching of nonvital, teeth with 30% hydrogen peroxide is occasionally associated with external cervical root resorption. The exact mechanism by which bleaching induced root resorption occurs is not yet fully understood. The relationship of cementum to the enamel at the cementoenamel junction may have clinical significance. Seventeen single(More)
Mercury pulmonary embolism following intentional or accidental injection of metallic mercury are uncommon. Generally, there are few clinical signs (acute pneumopathy in 50% of the cases). Chest x-ray shows multiple and bilateral point opacities with a metallic density. We present two cases of mercury pulmonary embolism after intentional intravenous mercury(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated whether dobutamine-induced changes of the left atrial (LA) two-dimensional speckle tracking parameters are related to clinical and neurohumoral improvement after levosimendan treatment in patients with acutely decompensate chronic heart failure (ADCHF). METHODS Forty-six patients with ADCHF and LV ejection fraction <35%, were(More)
BACKGROUND Although left ventricular (LV) and left atrial (LA) echo indices may reliably reflect loading conditions in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), little is known about 2-dimensional strain imaging. We evaluated LV and LA 2-dimensional strain imaging in relation to long-term outcome in patients with HCM. METHODS Fifty consecutive(More)
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