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The use of radiochromic film (RCF) dosimetry is widely consolidated for applications in photon, electron and proton beams. It offers several advantages, in particular, two-dimensional measurements of dose distributions with high spatial resolution, no post irradiation processing required and no daylight sensitivity. In addition, it shows small LET and(More)
Three–wave nonlinear resonant interaction (TWRI) is typically encountered in the description of any conservative nonlinear medium where the nonlinear dynamics can be considered as a perturbation of the linear wave solution, the lowest–order nonlinearity is quadratic in the field amplitudes, the three–wave resonance can be satisfied [1]. Indeed TWRI is the(More)
We present numerical results that describe how to engineer the radiation pattern of the second harmonic (SH) signal generated by AlGaAs on aluminum oxide all-dielectric nanoantennas. The SH beam divergence is minimized by coherent forward and backward scattering of the radiation emitted at grazing angles from the optical antenna toward a concentric grating(More)
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