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In this demonstration paper, we present a powerful distributed framework for finding similar trajectories in a smartphone network, without disclosing the traces of participating users. Our framework, exploits opportunistic and participatory sensing in order to quickly answer queries of the form: “Report objects (i.e., trajectories) that follow a(More)
Smartphones are nowadays equipped with a number of sensors, such as WiFi, GPS, accelerometers, etc. This capability allows smartphone users to easily engage in crowdsourced computing services, which contribute to the solution of complex problems in a distributed manner. In this work, we leverage such a computing paradigm to solve efficiently the following(More)
—We present a powerful distributed framework for comparing trajectories and answering queries of the form: " Report objects (i.e., trajectories) that follow a similar spatiotemporal motion to Q, where Q is some query trajectory ". Each trajectory resides in its entirety in-situ, which is cheaper and more efficient for mobile devices. Our SmartTrace(More)
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