Costa Affonso

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Competitiveness, market share, professional development and personal support to community action, health, culture, education and sport, are linked to a promising new market. Coupled with the development of organizations, the pressure to achieve goals more audacious, employees increasingly overwhelmed, they end up buying some disturbance in the(More)
There is an increasing tendency in the worldwide automotive market to consume polymeric materials, because of their processability and low cost in high volumes. This disposition gives rise to search for technological solutions in order to improve the material performance, even on the project product stage. The purpose of this paper is to predict the cycle(More)
In recent years the behavior of the parcel delivery market has undergone significant changes influenced by increased competitiveness, concern with the environment, electronic commerce, the increase in the number of customers, reducing the size of applications; expansion of the collection sites and distribution, increasing the flow of urban vehicles,(More)
This paper presents a new logical process (LP) simulation model for distributed simulation systems where Null Message Algorithm (NMA) is used as an underlying time management algorithm (TMA) to provide synchronization among LPs. To extend the proposed simulation model for n number of LPs, this paper provides a detailed overview of the internal architecture(More)
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