Cosmos E. Enyindah

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BACKGROUND Routine intake of iron supplements during pregnancy improves maternal health and pregnancy outcomes. This is observed in a background of increased availability and compliance to routine antenatal iron supplements. Poor compliance arises not only because of patient behavior but also from factors that may be out of patient's control. The aim of(More)
BACKGROUND Perineal trauma sustained during vaginal delivery may predispose to short and long-term complications such as postpartum haemorrhage and sexual dysfunction. Most published literature on perineal trauma and episiotomy come from developed countries and there is limited information from developing countries. The objective of this study was to(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the knowledge of mothers of under-five children brought to immunisation centres of contraceptive methods applicable by males and their perceptions of the roles of males in family planning. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This cross-sectional descriptive study involved a questionnaire interview of mothers who came to immunise their children at(More)
st st between 1 of January 2004 and 31 of December 2013 is presented. This was a descriptive retrospective study aimed at establishing the acceptance, safety and effectiveness in our population. Information on socio-demographic characteristics, source of primary information, complications and accidental pregnancies were obtained from clients. Case files(More)
INTRODUCTION The first stool passed by the newborn, the meconium, is different from the ordinary stool both in its nature and its implication. Delayed or non-passage of the meconium may represent a number of clinical conditions. In this study, we sought to identify what should be considered delayed passage of meconium in our babies. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To(More)
BACKGROUND Perforation of the uterus following transmigration of Intra-uterine devise (IUD) is an uncommon finding of insertion of IUD. There is associated increased risk of accidental pregnancy,morbidity and mortality. AIM To report a rare clinical condition in which there was uterine perforation following migration of IUD and to increase awareness of(More)
BACKGROUND Hydrometrocolpos (HMC) is a clinical condition in which there is a cystic distension of the vagina (hydrocolpos), uterus and sometimes, fallopian tubes (hydrosalpinx) with fluid. This study described our experience with cases of HMC seen in our practice, and highlighted the flare in our practice. PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective study of(More)
BACKGROUND Episiotomy is the commonest obstetric surgical operation performed to increase the introitus to enhance vaginal delivery. This study was to compare the effect of two local anaesthetic agents on postpartum perineal pain and time for demand for oral analgesics. METHODS A randomized double-blinded controlled clinical trial was conducted in(More)
BACKGROUND The reproductive health hazards of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions have been reduced with modern contraceptive use. The purpose of this review is to highlight the acceptability and side effects of Jadelle; a modern subdermal contraceptive implant in Port Harcourt. METHODS Case files of acceptors of Jadelle:" subdermal implants between(More)
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