Cosmina Chise

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Distributed systems are the current solution for large and complex systems. Their main disadvantage is the communication delay which has to be controlled, otherwise they may become unusable. Early performance assessment, by using tools which process system models, helps in making informed design decisions. The new standard in time-critical systems is MARTE(More)
There are several research directions in Software Performance Engineering (SPE), covering the entire performance prediction process, but most of the tools developed so far implement only part of it or have restrictions. From a methodology perspective, current performance prediction tools rely either on analytical or simulation models, as separate(More)
Performance prediction has been intensively studied in the last decade, alongside the accelerated development of distributed systems. This paper focuses on a hybrid approach regarding model solving, combining two popular prediction techniques applied separately so far, analytical and simulation modeling, in order to benefit from the strengths of both. The(More)
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