Cosmin Stoica Spahiu

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—This paper presents an efficient graph-based method to detect salient objects from color images and to extract their color and geometric features. Despite of the majority of the segmentation methods our method is totally adaptive and it do not require any parameter to be chosen in order to produce a better segmentation. The proposed segmentation method(More)
Business process modeling is an important phase during requirements collection. Usually functional, dynamic and role models are needed. We propose to integrate role activity diagrams and hybrid IDEF for business process modeling within model driven architecture. Our proposal is demonstrated with a sample implementation.
The paper presents an original software tool for creating and querying medium sized image collections. The software tool includes a server for a relational multi-user MMDBMS that uses traditional data types (integer, double, char, varchar) and a complex data type, called image. This type is used for storing the image and the extracted information regarding(More)
The paper presents the file structure of a multimedia database management designed to manage and query medium sized personal digital collections that contain both alphanumerical information and digital images. The software tool allows creating and deleting databases, creating and deleting tables in databases, updating data in tables and querying. Along with(More)
The problem of partitioning images into homogenous regions or semantic entities is a basic problem for identifying relevant objects. Visual segmentation is related to some semantic concepts because certain parts of a scene are pre-attentively distinctive and have a greater significance than other parts. However, even if image segmentation is a heavily(More)