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The lipid metabolism was evaluated using a new method for assay of the hair contents in unsaturated fatty acids. Determinations in various hair segments and in the blood serum were performed before and after a hypolipemic diet and drug therapy in hypercholesterolemic patients in comparison with a control group. The correlation factors between the levels of(More)
The Dombrock blood group system consists of five distinct antigens: two antithetical antigens, Doa and Dob, and three high-frequency antigens:Gya,Hy, and Joa. Although the prevalence of Doa and Dob in different populations makes them useful as genetic markers, the scarcity of reliable antibodies to these antigens has prevented this potential from being(More)
Congenital aortic stenosis accounts for about 5% of cardiac malformations recognized in childhood. It belongs to the category of acyanotic congenital heart disease. These lesions produce a load on the heart because of left ventricular outflow tract obstruction. Severe aortic stenosis in the newborn period (critical aortic stenosis) presents with signs of(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to determine EKG and 2-D echocardiographic criteria of ventricular dominance in preterm infants and select those by which ventricular dominance could be established by EKG alone. METHODS A database was constructed from EKG and 2-D echocardiographic measurements on preterm infants ranging in gestational ages from 23(More)
The levels of urinary amino acids (cystine, amino acids with basic character, branched chain amino acids and phenylalanine) were determined in the 24 hr urines of 5,500 newborns and in 20 subjects ranging in age from 2.5 to 20 years, with a suspicion of metabolic diseases. Seven newborns have shown a biochemical pattern of cystinuria. The urinary cystine(More)
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