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We aimed to investigate the frequency of ectopic and supernumerary parathyroid glands in our series of renal hyperparathyroidism. From October 2011 to November 2014, 202 patients with chronic renal failure and advanced SHPT nonresponsive to medical therapy were hospitalized in the General Surgery Department of the Carol Davila Nephrology Hospital. These(More)
Incisional hernias are a real problem in abdominal surgery and occur in up to 18% of patients undergoing surgery. Simple sutures or so-called anatomical processes lead to recurrence in up to 50% of cases. Performance of an alloplastic procedure decreases relapse rate to 10%, down from 12%. Popularized in Europe by Rives and Stoppa, the sublay mesh repair(More)
Scheduled reinterventions, or dictated by necessity in order to drain the septic foci occupy an important place in the surgery of the pancreatic suppurations. Approximately 50% of the operated patients require one or more reinterventions, in order to accomplish the debridement and evacuation of the necrotic-suppurative remnants. The authors reanalyze the(More)
Incisional hernias occur as frequent as they did 20 years ago even if we use modern technologies in terms of suture. Sutures techniques, either primary repair or applied after failure of primary repair are characterized by high rates of recurrence. Using the hernia mesh has become mandatory in repairing of all types of hernias - inguinal, ventral or(More)
The authors wish to propose an interpretation protocol of the imaging dedicated to the pancreatic suppurations that appear in acute necrotising pancreatitis. Analyzing the data from the literature regarding the extension mode of the pancreatic suppurations, it promotes the idea according to which the surgeon must himself utilize and interpret the offered(More)
BACKGROUND Up-to-date it is unclear whether stage II colorectal cancer patients should receive adjuvant chemotherapy.The presence of high risk features (T4, CEA 5 ng dl, less than 12 lymph nodes examined) is an indication for Oxaliplatin based treatment. In their absence, there is no consensus, 5 Fluorouracil regimens, or observation only being equally(More)
BACKGROUND This paper tries to evaluate prognostic value of various pre and post-operative colorectal cancer markers. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the study conducted in our clinic over a period of five years we tried to emphasize the biological factors of prognostic value in colorectal cancer, and to demonstrate the important role of these factors in(More)
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the standard treatment for patients requiring gallbladder removal. Although the advantages of the laparoscopic technique are widely accepted, the introduction of this technique has doubled the rate of iatrogenic lesions of extrahepatic bile ducts. Research methods for biliary tree also evolved, but intraoperative(More)
BACKGROUND Splenic cysts represent a pathology seldom encountered in practice, the most often etiology being, parasitic, congenital and pseudo-cysts, which usually appear post-traumatically or after a splenic infarction.Splenic cysts indicate a surgical treatment when they are large (and thus present a high risk for complications such as rupture,(More)