Cosimo Vinci

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We consider the Stackelberg fuel pricing problem in which a company has to decide the fuel selling price at each of its gas stations in order to maximize its revenue, assuming that the selling prices of the competitors and the customers’ preferences are known in advance. We show that, even in the basic case in which the road network is modeled by an(More)
We consider the efficiency of taxation in congestion games with polynomial latency functions along the line of research initiated by [Caragiannis et al., ACM Transactions on Algorithms, 2010] who focused on both pure and mixed Nash equilibria in games with affine latencies only. By exploiting the primal-dual method [Bilo, Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on(More)
In this paper we study the approximation ratio of the solutions achieved after an -approximate one-round walk in non-atomic congestion games. Prior to this work, the solution concept of one-round walks had been studied for atomic congestion games with linear latency functions only [Christodoulou et al. 2006, Bilò et al. 2011]. We focus on polynomial latency(More)
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