Cosimo Laneve

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A language of formal proteins, the κ-calculus, is introduced. Interactions are modeled at the domain level, bonds are represented by means of shared names, and reactions are required to satisfy a causality requirement ofmonotonicity. An example of a simplified signalling pathway is introduced to illustrate how standard biological events can be expressed in(More)
We present a calculus of mobile processes without prefix or summation, and using two different encodings we show that it can express both action prefix and guarded summation. One encoding gives a strong correspondence but uses a match operator; the other yields a slightly weaker correspondence but uses no additional operators.
A timed extension of π-calculus with a transaction construct – the calculus webπ – is studied. The underlying model of webπ relies on networks of processes; time proceeds asynchronously at the network level, while it is constrained by the local urgency at the process level. Namely process reductions cannot be delayed to favour idle steps. The extensional(More)
The current de nition of the Java Bytecode Veri er, as well as the proposals to formalize it, do not include any check about consistency of critical sections (those between monitorenter and monitorexit instructions). So code is run, even if critical sections are corrupted. In this paper we isolate a sublanguage of the Java Virtual Machine with thread(More)
We define a formal contract language along with subcontract and compliance relations. We then extrapolate contracts out of processes, that are a recursion-free fragment of ccs. We finally demonstrate that a client completes its interactions with a service provided the corresponding contracts comply. Our contract language may be used as a foundation of Web(More)
We define a language for Web services contracts as a parallelfree fragment of ccs and we study a natural notion of compliance between clients and services in terms of their corresponding contracts. The induced contract preorder turns out to be valuable in searching and querying registries of Web services, it shows interesting connections with the must(More)